BWG Security Patrol Vehicle 2

“I need a visible deterrent and a proactive security service”

Mobile Patrol Services…

A visible deterrent using highly visible GPS tracked patrol vehicles providing a proactive security service.

Business Watch operate one of the largest fleets of highly visible mobile patrol vehicles in The Midlands and Wales. The service provision is available from 1900 hours to 0700 hours Monday to Friday with full 24 hour per day cover provided on weekends and all public holidays. Each vehicle is fitted with a full GPS tracking system to ensure a pro-active approach to incidents

• Each randomly timed patrol visit includes a full external patrol of the clients premises, checking all doors and windows for signs of forced or attempted entry

• Whilst patrolling the patrol officer checks strategically placed electronic check points to provide the client with a report detailing the site specific patrol times

• Coupled with the keyholding & alarm service mobile patrols provide a totally pro-active but cost effective security solution

BWG Security Patrol Vehicle 1

Monday 16th July 2018

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