Mobile security patrols

Mobile security patrols

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Why choose mobile security patrols for your business

Having a mobile security patrol service is an alternate way of monitoring your property when you may not need a manned guard. Here are some reasons why choosing a mobile patrol unit might be right for your business.
1. More often than not crimes are planned out in advance. Having a company like Business Watch Guarding making randomly timed visible visits to your site is a big deterrent to criminals.
2. Our experienced mobile patrol officers will look out for any intrusions or vandalism happening on your site. Windows or doors that may be open, as well as people who are not authorised to be there.
3. For companies that operate 24/7, it can give piece of mind that someone is looking out for their security and the business.
4. Each mobile security patrol service can be tailored to your businesses needs. We can come as much or as little as you’d like giving you complete control over your security needs.
5. When a static security guard may not be in your budget, mobile patrols provides a cost effective way for you to keep your business premises secure.

Monitored mobile security patrols

Business Watch Guarding uses the latest in patrol monitoring technology to track our officers activity on the ground. Electronic tag points will be places around your premises at key areas. These points will be “struck” by our mobile officer leaving an auditable trail of times on and off site and which areas they patrolled
Business Watch Guarding holds SIA ACS and NSI guarding gold accreditation. All of our officers go through enhanced vetting and enhanced DBS checks, meaning your premises is in safe and trust worthy hands.
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telford security services – FAQ Alarm response

telford security services – FAQ Alarm response

FAQ Key Holding & Alarm Response

Why should we have A Key Holding service?


As a key-holder, you must attend your premises within 20 minutes to resolve any alarm issues. If you fail to do this on more than three occasions, the police will withdraw their response. Contracting a Telford security services provider like us could help with this.


Also, changes made to Corporate manslaughter legislation mean that Directors and Line managers are now affected. Are your staff responsible for attending out of hour’s alarms prepared and trained to do so?


Have you carried out the necessary risk assessments? Are they available 24/7 all year round? If they have to respond in the early hours how able will they be to be back in work for 9am the following morning? By using our Key Holding & Alarm response service, you remove the hassle and risks of doing it yourself.


Are your security officers licensed?



All our staff are SIA licensed to carry out security duties under BS7984 and vetted to BS7858, which covers:


  • Employment Reference checks covering a period of 5 years
  • All gaps in employment greater than 30 days must be clarified
  • Advanced DBS checks, address history and financial probity (Credit Check)


You can be sure that the officers attending will carry out their duties to the highest standards.


What does the service include?

We will:

  1. Attend your premises in your absence and deal with all alarm issues.
  2. Take all steps required to re-secure your premises in the event of a break-in or criminal damage.
  3. Provide you with a report of the whole situation including all actions taken by our officers.


How do I know my keys will be secure?


Your keys will are held in full compliance with BS7984. Tagged and stored in a secure Key Safe with no reference to your property.


Can you guarantee to respond in a set time?


Our average response time covering the Shropshire area is 24 minutes. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a response time because of issues that are out of our control. But, we can guarantee to respond immediately. leaving your building secure on exit and with local, trained, response teams. These teams are based at many locations across the country. ensure a very prompt and effective response to your property with the minimum of delay.


Some companies have ‘red care’, ‘dualcom’ and/or CCTV monitoring, do we still need to also have key holders?


Yes. a key holder must attend the premises. They deal with all eventualities which could include broken windows and locks, wait for an engineer . If an authorised key holder does not attend this could have a negative effect on your insurance and police attending terms.

How many sets of keys do you need?


We only need one set to allow us to access your property. We will test the keys when we perform our initial site survey. Also we will, of course, also require alarm codes and any other relevant information relating to your premises and alarm system.

Will you need to contact our staff outside of office hours?


Only if we deem the situation requires us to contact anyone. In most cases our people will not know what they are going to find at your property until they open the front door. The majority of alarm activation’s we attend are resolved without any need for client contact. On rare occasions we do encounter problems where immediate client contact is necessary. When we do have to call someone in the middle of the night, we will make sure we present a detailed summary and our people will act on your instructions.

How does my alarm company know that we have appointed Business Watch Guarding?


All you need to do is contact to your alarm company and inform them we are your primary Key holder. We will provide you with our control room number for both you and your alarm company to use.


What’s the next stage?


All you need to do is sign our agreements and return it to us. We will then agree a time and date for us to send a security surveyor to your premises. They will carry out a site survey and draw up your “Assignment Instructions”. This forms the instructions for the officers that attend your premises in the event of an alarm activation. Once you are happy with everything we can agree a schedule and begin. That’s one less thing for you to worry about and you’ll have less sleepless nights.


What happens if my alarm is considered A nuisance?


The council will serve you with a Noise Abatement Notice and may have to break into your premises to disconnect the alarm. They would then re-secure the premises by changing the locks and charge you for the time and the money spent turning the alarm off.


Failure to follow the Abatement Notice is a criminal offence and the council can prosecute you. If found guilty, you may have to pay a fine which could be as much as £5,000 for residential premises, and £20,000 for commercial premises.


Are your services for homes or businesses?


BWG’s Telford security services cover Business premises only.

How long does it take to set-up / move the key holding service?


A matter of days, dependant on current arrangements which we can discuss on enquiry. It is a simple, straightforward process with which we are happy to assist with.


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Telford security services – Business Watch Guarding

Shropshire & Wolverhampton security – NSI Guarding Gold

Shropshire & Wolverhampton security – NSI Guarding Gold

Shropshire & Wolverhampton security provider, Business Watch Guarding, holds NSI Guarding gold accreditation. They also provide services in Telford, Shrewsbury and the west midlands as a whole.

NSI has launched a brand new guide promoting the value and reassurance the NSI Guarding Gold hallmark of approval delivers to buyers of guarding services.

The new guide highlights how companies who have attained the elite Guarding Gold certification are equipped to effectively manage any eventuality and ensure the highest standards of security are put into practise for all buyers of guarding services including:

  • Heads of security
  • Facilities managers
  • Procurement specialists
  • Shopping centre managers
  • Heads of profit or asset protection
  • Local authorities
  • Loss prevention specialists

So what do you get with an NSI Guarding Gold company?

Dedicated to high standards

NSI Guarding gold companies are committed to:

• A twice yearly, independent, expert compliance audit: an in-depth assessment of front-line services, management systems, support infrastructure, staff welfare and benefits, and people development

• Security screening every employee, ensuring the right to work in the UK, managing risk and protecting clients’ reputations

• Maintaining a quality management system: a pathway for continual improvement for people and processes, ensuring the specific needs of clients are top of the agenda

• Compliance with British and International standards which prescribe key benchmarks ensuring integrity of client-supplier relationships through excellence in guarding services, staff training, health and safety practices, contract management and customer services

Best Practice in Practice

Creating and operating a 24/7 security service to manage any and every eventuality – with trained, capable staff, and infrastructure – demands that your service provider has the knowhow and dedication to deliver a guarding service of the highest standard.

When choosing an NSI Guarding Gold company you can be assured:

• Quotations and contracts offered are in accordance with recognised standards protecting the interests of both parties and ensuring expectations are clearly set and regularly reviewed

• Your personalised proposal will clearly define operating instructions that ensure all security staff assigned to the environment are informed of the particular site circumstances, your requirements and the potential security risks

• The standards to which NSI Gold companies operate determine security teams have role and assignment specific training, detailed training plans and records

• The company’s support infrastructure is in place to deliver your requirements including finance, insurance, business structure, security systems, sub-contractors and resources

• Critical processes and procedures, such as assignment instructions and incident handling are fully defined to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors, members of the public, as well as the security team.

The Hallmark of quality

NSI Gold companies are progressive in their use of quality management systems and knowledge of technical standards to drive continual improvement in performance, efficiency and customer service. NSI Guarding Gold approval reflects a commitment to and belief in investment in high standards of service, integrity, technical expertise and professionalism.

Look out for the NSI Gold hallmark of approval – the mark of approval for the elite in the security industry.

About the NSI

  • The UK’s leading independent, UKAS accredited specialist certification body approving companies in the security sector.
  • The most highly trained, expert, in house audit team in the industry.
  • Conducts over 3,500 audits annually in security guarding, security systems and fire safety.
  • over 45 years experience in approval providing the highest reassurance to buyers of security

If you are considering contracting security services, look out for the NSI guarding gold hallmark. This way you know you are in safe hands with a company that not only supplies their services at the highest of standards, but the day to day management of the company is also of a higher standard.

Shropshire & Wolverhampton Security, Dedicated to high standards

If you have any queries about security for your business, get in touch with Business Watch Guarding and we would be happy to help.

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BWG retains Telford & Wrekin Council Corporate Security Contract

BWG retains Telford & Wrekin Council Corporate Security Contract

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to confirm that BWG have retained the Telford & Wrekin Manned Corporate Security Contract.

The new contract means that the long term working relationship between the company and the Council will extend past its 20th year. The original arrangement was set in place in 2000, after a twelve month trial,to provide a night time only seven days per week mobile patrol service to all schools within the borough and operated under the ” Schoolswatch ” banner.

Over the years the security contract has been expanded and now provides a weekday nights and weekend 24 hour per day response service to almost every school and public building within the borough. In addition the company also provides manned guarding solutions to a number of buildings

Commenting on the new contract BWG Managing Director Paul Hinkins said ” We have always been very proud of our long term working arrangements with Telford & Wrekin Council and have continuously striven to improve and enhance the service to the benefit of the Council, its Estate Portfolio and its staff. The new security contract will further enable us to enhance and modify the service to the benefit of all within the community”.

Top 50 Security Company success for BWG

Top 50 Security Company success for BWG

We are delighted to announce that following our recent SIA/ACS audit, our score now ranks us as a top 50 security company nationwide The audit, which was conducted by a representative of The Home Office, saw our annual audit score increase by 15% to 146.

Our new score places BWG firmly in the Top 50 of all security companies nationwide and the highest qualified, by some considerable distance, of all competitors across Shropshire, Staffordshire, The Black Country and Mid Wales.

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Shrewsbury Security services – The Marches LEP

Shrewsbury Security services – The Marches LEP

Paul Hinkins, Managing Director of Business Watch Guarding who are a provider of Shrewsbury security services, has joined The Marches LEP board in his role as Chair of Telford & Wrekin Business Board. Business Watch Guarding also offer their services throughout the whole of the West midlands & the Marches area. Paul has a broad remit to represent the views of businesses in the area as well as working to provide the infrastructure to encourage inward investment and growth opportunities.

With a background in sales and marketing for a number of SME’s Paul moved to Shropshire in 2003 when he aquired the Telford based company. Business Watch have subsequently grown into a position within the top 10% of all Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme companies nationally, providing services to commercial, public sector and education clients across Shropshire, Mid Wales and The Black Country.

Speaking of his appointment to the board of The Marches LEP, Paul said ”Having moved to Shropshire over ten years ago I have enjoyed witnessing how the business environment in the region has gone from strength to strength. It is, therefore a privilege to be working alongside my colleagues at Telford Business Board and the wider Marches LEP board to ensure that this growth continues. I am particularly passionate about skills development and ensuring that micro businesses and SMEs are given the support that they require to enjoy sustained growth”.

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